Ticket to Carcassonne

I love talking about board games almost as much as I love playing them. The great thing about writing a book is that nobody interrupts you and says things like "That's lovely Steve but I really have to be going now, I've got that thing that needs to be done..."

~ Steve Dee

There has been something of a revolution recently in the world of board games. Not the violent sort of revolution with riots and decapitated monarchs, but a gentle revolution that has given the world many exciting new things to enjoy - a bit like the Industrial Revolution, or Prince and the Revolution. 

Ticket to Carcassonne is a book for both beginners and experienced board game players alike. Author Steve Dee shares his enthusiasm for the hobby and talks about many different games and genres with passion and a sense of humour.  Find out the stories of behind five of the biggest modern tabletop games with interviews from several of the designers, improve your game by following the detailed strategy guides, and take a look at the suggestions for other games to try. 

Steve Dee is also the chief editor of the short story anthology series Tabletop Tales. To find out more, click here.

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